The objective of N4U is to provide neuroscientists and clinicians in Europe and worldwide with the innovative online neuGRID functional environment, where they can securely upload, use, share brain feature extraction algorithms paired with access to computational power, large image datasets and specialized support & training.

N4U aims to:

1. Develop a complete environment to carry out the

computational neuroscience experiments that will become commonplace shortly;

2. Address existing research hurdles and gaps by offering a user-friendly environment where neuroscientists can find all the building blocks to optimally exploit large image datasets e.g. the data them

selves, sophisticated algorithm pipelines, adequate computational power, appropriate imaging services, statistical and visualization tools, and help and support centre;

3. Fuel innovation through greater understanding of the pathophysiological mechanisms of diseases and development of markers of disease activity and progression;

4. Lower the barriers for the average neuroscientist to access the e-Science environment of computational neuroimaging, therefore providing equal access opportunities to physicians and researchers;

5. Dramatically boost the drug discovery process for neurodegenerative and other brain diseases.


N4U mission builds on the neuGRID achievements