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Scientific Team                                                               Technical Team

Prof. Giovanni B Frisoni, MD

National Alzheimer's Disease Centre, Brescia, Italy

University of Geneva and Geneva University Hospital, Switzerland

N4U Project Coordinator, Networking Activities leader


His main scientific interest is the neuroimaging of cognitive impairment. He is the contact person for Alzheimer's Disease and Psychiatric Diseases.

Dr. David Manset, PhD

CEO gnúbila France

N4U Service Activities leader


Working in the field of computer sciences for 10 years, his main research interests: Grid technologies, Model-Driven Software Engineering.


Prof. Frederik Barkhof, MD, PhD

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

N4U Principal Investigator


In N4U, the identification and evaluation of new algorithms is at the core of VUA expertise. Contact person for White Matter Disease and MRI.

Prof. Richard McClatchy, PhD

University of the West of England, Bristol

N4U Principal Investigator, Joint Research Activities leader


He has considerable experience in large European projects and several years' consultancy experience with UK industry. His main research interests: biomedical Grid applications, and large-scale data and process management.



Prof. Wahlund Lars-Olof, MD, PhD

Karolinska Institute, Stockholm

N4U Principal Investigator


He has a long experience in clinical MR imaging in dementia. Contact person for Alzheimer's Disease.



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