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N4U Company



One of the main achievements of N4U project will be the set up of a Company providing users with a fully functional environment offering a wide range of services and resources, where they can carry out their analyses all the times backed by specialized support. 


N4U Company will act as an ICT consultancy agency providing technical and scientific support.



  • To support scientists, clinicians, pharmaceuticals and developers worldwide in accessing and utilizing tools to securely upload, use, share data mining algorithms paired with computational power, large datasets and specialized support & training;
  • To extend the platform resources and functionality and, possibly, contribute to its further developments;
  • To carry out operations related to the projet, related initiatives and associated mission;
  • To promote and use the neuGRID e-infrastructure to provide support to users, as well as all external ICT tools it may require.
    To ask for a quote, or for any other information, please contact us!