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►A new application is now available. This application is a terminal which allows you to get access to the gLite command lines or to ExpressLane without having to start Desktop Fusion. The implementation is based on the Gate One HTML5 terminal and, therefore, you need to have a modern web browser in order to be able to use it.


The first N4U Interactive Tutorial in the form of a video is now online


► Download the N4U Flyer here!


► The first N4U Newsletter June 2012 is now online!


►The ADRD (Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders) Conclusions Report from the outGRID - ITU workshop held in Geneva on 21st February is now available, presenting the discussion on current context on ADRD research and funding, current problems and challenges, conclusions and follow-up actions. You can find the general workshop report here.

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N4U Neuroscience Analysis Service



N4U Analysis Services with Different Data and Parameters



The Analysis Service is a wizard-based interface allowing researchers to easily put datasets and algorithms together for grid analyses. Users can choose from anything registered in the Analysis Base that they have been given permission to use – either public datasets or their own. Once the execution is completed, they can choose to share the result with other users, or re-run the analysis with different parameters. Thanks to the fully integrated provenance model, the full history of all their analyses is at their fingertips.



Some things that can be done with the N4U Analysis Service:

·         Share execution parameters and results with only the users you need

·         Re-run the analysis of someone else with your own data to validate their results

·         Perform the same analysis on both public datasets and your own uploaded data





Analysis Service pipeline design interface (early design)